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The Schismatic Mentality

There are some rad trad haters publishing stuff. No one should read these writers. They use the Church Fathers and Doctors against the Pope. They use analogy to criticize the last several popes. Analogy, not logic… These writers are diabolical as they hate the Catholic Church and believe in some “ideal” Church which does not… Read More

St. Claudia Procula


In the Abyssinian and Greek Orthodox Churches, the wife of Pontius Pilate is considered a saint. St. Claudia Procula’s feast day is October 27th. The basis of this canonization may be found in the Scriptures, in two places, the first being her famous dream in Matthew 27: 19, which she shared with her husband, as… Read More

On A Common Curse

As America becomes less and less Christians, some Catholics have become more aware of people cursing others. There are entire religions based on curses. Jealousy, envy, malice, and other forms of sin lead people to curse others. But, the biggest and most common curse is one which most Catholics overlook-the curse of mortal sin. My… Read More