A long time ago, someone asked me if pride made me write my blog. She had not read the long post I wrote years ago about meditating with a pen–or a computer. Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman wrote that he meditated best when writing. This is true for me.

However, as this good woman also is involved in a busy lay work, and does it well, she understood after our discussion, that God calls some of us to do things in the world, and not privately.

But, more than all of that above, God gives all of us one, or two, or three, or five talents. Mine two talents, which I know I have, are writing and teaching. To keep such gifts which are God’s idea and not mine, but what He has given, would not be humility, but pride. Pride holds on to gifts, and does not share. Those who are humble share what little they have.

Years ago, many in fact, the passage of the woman anointing the feet of Christ, was almost a daily thought, a meditation. God wants us to give all to Him. He was pleased that I was doing my bit for Him-writing.

David Jones wrote of the woman wiping Christ’s feet. He noted that she was like those who have artistic talents and use them. The perfume is like poetry or paintings, completely gratuitous, completely beautiful. To give Christ art is a gift of gratuity. Judas did not understand such gratuity because he did not love Christ. Love gives in abundance. When one loves, one does not count the cost.

I paint as well as write.

To be even an amateur artist is to give back to God beauty–giving Beauty beauty as to one’s limited ability.

Such is the perfume of the artist, pouring out such gifts as He has given. Give freely what God has given.