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Opinions vs. Truth


A person who is of a Protestant leaning does not believe in the Teaching Magisterium of the Church, or the truth of Tradition. She does not believe in the truth of the encyclicals, or the Catholic councils which declared doctrines and condemned errors. This is the usual Protestant stance. However, some Catholics think like Protestants.… Read More

The Real Baby Jesus Again

A few weeks ago, at Christmastime, I wrote about the misunderstandings surrounding Baby Jesus. Today, I want to quote the Jesuit priest who wrote about the Presentation and obviously understood the Christology, the theology of Christ as a Baby. I give the links to my previous articles connected to this subject http://blog.etheldredasplace.net/doctrine/not-like-any-other-baby/ http://blog.etheldredasplace.net/scripture/baby-jesus-love/ http://blog.etheldredasplace.net/doctrine/the-catholic-view-of-mary/ http://blog.etheldredasplace.net/mary/on-the-purification-of-mary/… Read More

Not Like Any Other Baby

My Jesuit meditation today, with the unknown author reminding me of true Catholic teaching, must be shared. He writes on the qualities of the Infant Jesus—purity, humility, obedience. Reminding his readers that Christ came with the same naturally good qualities of an infant, Christ was not like every other infant. He had the full use… Read More

YET again, on baptism

Baptism makes us children of God and heirs of heaven, (not creation, not birth does this). In addition, baptism gives sanctifying grace which informs both the intellect and the will, the higher faculties. Without baptism, these higher faculties are not illuminated by grace. Although we can come to know God somewhat through the glory of… Read More