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Goodbye to Malta


I love Malta, my friends there, the Church there, my spiritual director…. It is particularly hard to leave this time, as I never know for sure if or when I am coming back. I am getting older. Traveling is not fun. More and more travelers are just plain rude and one gets fatigued at my… Read More

Net Problems Again

Where I am staying has had two electrical black outs in four days. This impacts Net service. Even after the electricity comes on, it takes hours for the Net to come back on. I tried using the Net in a different city, and there were problems there as well. Today, I am out all day… Read More

Prayers, Please

I am leaving Malta in a few days. This time, the retreat made the visit sublime, and I began my novel, which I have to work on in the days to come. Please pray for me, as second drafts are always harder than first drafts. I have had a good reader giving me great input.… Read More

Several Days Off

I am back again after  few days off.  I cannot tell you the peace and joy which comes from a spiritual director who is sent from God and knows his theology, spirituality and history For a person who is truly wanting to grow in the spiritual life, as St. Teresa of Avila experienced the hard… Read More

Life Rally News

I am in tears. God has His Own Way. The Adoration chapel, unusually was closed, so I stood outside for an hour to intercede for the Pro-Life Rally today featuring Gianna Jessen. Wandering back to the rally site, I met at least half of my best friends in Malta. And, I met a new friend… Read More

Full of surprises

I am in Valletta today, First of all, I met four seminarians from America–at the NO Latin Mass. Please join me in prayer for these boys from St. John Vianney in Minneapolis. Nice group. Then, I heard one of the best bagpipe bands I have ever heard and I have heard many including the famous… Read More