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Poustinia News

The poustinia will be open as of May 1st for women who want to come for a day or for a 24 hour overnight. It is near here. http://clearcreekmonks.org/ One needs a car to get here. Still working on heating and air, as well as plumbing, but all should be ready by May. The poustinia is… Read More


I have had flu for two days, but am getting better. Someone took me to a wifi cafe today, so here are some posts. I should be blogging regularly again by March 1st. Please ignore any spelling errors or typos, as my spell check is not working again. God bless. This one is on mortification.… Read More

Not getting beyond grace

One of the great dangers of the lay movement since the 1950s, yes, even before Vatican II, was the enthusiasm in some quarters about reading the mystics and great theologians of the Church regarding spirituality. One reason I “unpacked” Garrigou-Lagrange on my old blog was to introduce the common sense and long-term journey to saintliness,… Read More