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O Emmanuel

  Today is the last day of the Great Os, the O Antiphons. We read in this antiphon a longing, a hope. O come, O come, Emmanuel, And ranson captive Israel: Tha mourns in lonely exile here, Until the Son of God appear. But, are people mourning in this season of Advent? As I am… Read More

O Rex Gentium

O King of Nations, O Rex Gentium Having lived in Great Britain for many, many years, I understand worldly kingship perhaps more than most Americans. Most British people have great respect and some even love for the Monarchy, despite the imperfection of the members of the variou Royal Families over the centuries. The ancient sense… Read More

O Dayspring

Light illumines darkness. Without the light of grace, no one can understand even the basic truths of the Catholic Church, or even the most simple concepts of God. Light came into hell and brought the captive righteous to heaven in the Harrowing of Hell. Light came into the Womb of Mary, Christ the Light of… Read More

O Key of David

O Clavis David, O Key of David, is the great O Antiphon for today. Yesterday, we acknowledged Jesse, the father of David, David was the greatest King of Israel, one of the greatest prophets, and a man whose heart “was like God’s” So, why do we call Christ the Key of David, the scepter of… Read More

O Root of Jesse

Continuing the meditations on the O Antiphons, one sees today the Incarnational aspect of Christ’ Coming as Man. The House of David was set aside as the family of Christ, His own ancestors through both Mary and Joseph. David is the man in the Old Testament who most has a heart like God’s, not because… Read More

O Adonai

Today’s meditation brings together two readings of my prayer time and Lectio Divina. A happy synchronicity again. We hear the Church adore theLord God, today in this O Antiphon, and the reference is to Moses encountering the Lord God in the Burning Bush. In Exodus 19, we see an awesome manifestation of God on Sinai.… Read More

O Wisdom

For the next several days before Christmas, I shall share meditations on the O Antiphons, as these are part of my daily prayer as usual in Advent. Today, we pray with the Church O Wisdom, you came forth from the mouth of the Most High, and reached from end to end, and disposal of all… Read More

Practical Meditations

I found an 1868 book, republished in 1964, Practical Meditations, written by a Jesuit, with a break-down of the Meditations, Affections, Resolutions, Considerations, and Colloquies as from the Exercises. The meat in these prayers can feed on for an entire year. In today’s meditation, the writer referred to the way of perfection in the Application:… Read More