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On The Resurrection

The meditations this week on the various apparitions of the Risen Christ to His followers, including His Mother Mary, have been some of the most difficult to imagine. Recalling that St. Ignatius wants those doing the Exercises to use active imagination in these meditations, and recalling that I am having difficulties with meditations at this… Read More

Today, A Very Short Post

I highly suggest that daily one enters into the Way of the Cross for morning or evening prayer. I suggest having your children meditate on this, even outside of Lent. I suggest pictures, like these, for the young ones. https://www.chcweb.com/catalog/StationsofCrossPrints/product_info.html I highly suggest buying these above. I have these as small holy cards, but I… Read More

A Dark Night Question Two

This young friend wanted to know if one has trouble praying in the Dark Night, and how that differs from depression interfering with prayer. Aridity in the Dark Night follows times of vocal prayer and even years of consolation. One suddenly cannot meditate or use the usual means of finding consolation in prayer. God has… Read More

A Dark Night Question

A young holy man asked me how one knows whether one is in the Dark Night or experiencing depression or mental illness. This is an extremely valid question. I shall only highlight a few differences between either chronic depression and/or mental illness and the purification time in the Dark Night. One, in the Dark Night,… Read More


Yey, back-up For years, I have been speaking and writing about the fact that the levels of prayer are also levels of purification, sacrifice, penance. Garrigou-Lagrange emphasizes this, as do the great saints of prayer. My long perfection series and the Doctors of the Church series help unpack this ideal for my readers on the… Read More