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The Failure of Great Promise

Stunted lives may be a subject for psychologists and doctors, but more so for the priest or bishop who are the shepherds of their people, called to lead the flock to personal holiness. The man responsible for bringing both Jacques and Raissa Maritain to the Catholic Church, Leon Bloy, wrote this:  “The only real sadness, the only… Read More



As a great follower of the patronage of Zelie and Louis Martin, I am excited about their coming canonization. However, as I have been and will be for some time staying in a convent, I shall miss the Mass. I saw and venerated their relics twice in Dublin, a real treat. I reported on this… Read More

On St. Teresa of Avila

One is struck, when meditating on the life of St. Teresa of Jesus, by her strong and persistent character, facing many problems with courage and honesty. Her establishing of so many houses, and the foundation of the renewed order of the Discalced Carmelites, were not accomplishments made in a vacuum of peace and cooperation. Many… Read More