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Flexible Grace

For years, I have wondered at my desert experiences, as one cannot learn everything at once from being in strange and isolated areas, without continuity or community. Having experienced intense communal life four times in my life, I have desired this type of lifestyle, but this has been denied me. One of the great gifts… Read More

On These Times

“In that fine book of his, Le Docteur Angelique, J. Maritain has set down this profound reflection: “How to reconcile two apparently contradictory facts: the fact that modern history appears to be, as Berdyaev says, on the threshold of a new Middle Age in which the unity and universality of Christian culture will be recovered… Read More

On Sins

This past week, I had a short discussion with two Muslim girls who are students here. They are preparing for careers in government. Their own countries, as they are not from here, allow women to work in the fields they have chosen. These young women are full of confidence. They know the world is open… Read More