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Shepherds Again


I did not think I would have time to write a post for Christmas, but I do. Firstly, to all my friends, family, and readers, Merry Christmas. Secondly, a few thoughts about shepherds taken from Pope Benedict XVI follow my meditation. Almost daily, on the bus, I pass old shepherd’s dwelling, each called singly a… Read More

Hey, on the Synod

The Synod has no authority to write Canons. We are not conciliarists Peter speaks through the Pope and nothing has changed Pastoral decisions have always been made in the confessional We now see who the “bad cardinals” are– Burke’s comments are worth reading: here are a few paragraphs….. “The entire document requires a careful study, in… Read More

Well….a resolution broken

http://www.jihadwatch.org/2015/10/uk-targets-all-extremism-not-just-islamist-extremism-muslims-still-enraged I said I would avoid political commentary on this new blog… However, I cannot remain silent. Just put “Catholicism” in the place of “extremism” or “Catholics” in place of “extremists”. Get it? I was the bell wether in 2013 and last January….I shared these episodes with many people. The tributation has started, folks. It… Read More