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Custodia Cordis


On that old blog, I wrote about custody of the eyes, a habit taught in the old days to very young children, and a useful  way to control the sins of lust and curiosity. Spiritual writers over the ages have also written about custodia cordis, custody of the heart.This virtue seems to be severely lacking… Read More

On Perfection Again

Following up on Paphnutius’ ideas in Cassian, one can see the journey to perfection emerging again from yet another holy person. Part of the way to perfection is understanding, which is a gift from God to all those who are confirmed in the Catholic Church, if they were in sanctifying grace when confirmed. Both the… Read More

On Renunciation

A side-step on John Cassian. Over thirty years ago, while at Notre Dame, which has a library to die for…, I discovered Cassian and read him assiduously. As I am staying in the convent, I asked to borrow his Conferences, and will try and share some of his insights from the book. In the Conference… Read More

Repeat, but timely, post

Thursday, 24 July 2014 Many Catholics are feeling that “time is speeding up” and that some great wave of evil has struck the West in a way unprecedented since WWII. Those who have discernment and reflect can see clearly, as we all should, the increasing bombardment against the Catholic Church in America, as well as… Read More

For Newbies and A Reminder–Part Two

In the 1970s, I witnessed a growing anti-intellectualism with regard to the Faith in the Catholic world. Experience and subjectivity overcame study and objectivity. Objectivity marks the saint. Anti-intellectualism is a direct result of the Protestant Revolt. Catholics who refuse to study the Faith ignore one of the two pillars of that faith-reason. Reason and… Read More