The study of psychology has ruined the minds of two generations-GenX and the Millennials, who try and explain away the choices of good and evil by referring to hurts and abuses, abandonments and dysfunctional families as the cause of all holiness or sin.

NOT true. Free will chooses sin or virtue. And, all humans are given sufficient grace for salvation-all. I have written much on this theme. We may have weakened wills and a tremendous lack of knowledge owing to the times and the societies and families in which we live, but God’s grace, God’s mercy are larger, more powerful than any weakness.

This is the message we need to share with the fallen away Catholic and with the unbaptized–that God’s grace is sufficient for eternal life.

Daily, someone asks me to pray for them or their loved ones. I am sure this is true for most of you as well. We must pray for people, especially those who are far away from God and far away from the Catholic Church.

Surrounded by the unbaptized, I am daily reminded that many people have no grace, no life of God in them, unless, at some point in their childhood, they decided to follow goodness, truth, and to try and find God.

The most common sins of people I meet who are unbaptized indicate to me that many, perhaps the most, of youth are in darkness. Fornication, sadly even bragged about by some, may be found in youth from any religion today, any, and those who are not baptized, who are not pursuing truth, are at a huge disadvantage against sin, and eternal death.

The other day, I shared some notes and here again, I repeat the idea from St. Thomas Aquinas, as quoted by Garrigou-Lagrange, on what happens when a person is not baptized as a baby.

Further, let us remember that, as St. Thomas says (Ia IIae, q. 89, a. 6), when a child, even though not baptized and still in unbelief, comes to the full use of reason, he is bound to choose between the right and the wrong road, between duty and pleasure, between the true last end, though but vaguely recognized, and whatever is opposed to it. If there is no resistance to the grace then offered him, he loves above all things God thus vaguely recognized and is thereby justified, so as to enter into the mystical body.” If he then direct himself to the due end, he will, by means of grace, receive the remission of original sin” (loc. cit.)

Sadly, the society, the culture of clubbing and partying even at the early ages of12 and 13 show that some youth have already chosen the darkness of sin and death. But, God is so loving, so faithful, that He calls the soul who desires goodness and truth to Himself. In this Year of Mercy, begun today in Rome and in the entire Catholic world, God again and again calls all people, young and old, to His Kingdom.

Pray for the unbaptized. They will need strength in the days to come. Pray for those fallen away Catholics, who have wasted the tremendous heritage God gave them in the sacramental life of the Church.

Today at the beautiful Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a national holiday here in Malta, as well as a major feast day, the priest prayed for all those in darkness, and all fallen away Catholics. The little chapel was packed out, as were all the churches here. The Maltese love Mary, and this love will save many who are being prayed for today by those members in their families who attended Mass.

Those out of grace may become greater saints, have more merit, that those of us who have worked all day in the field. How wonderful will be the joy in heaven when these lost ones come home.

But, pray, pray, pray….time is short for such freedom to choose.