No sooner was I in the States again, at a Mass, when I heard a serious heresy from the pulpit regarding Christ. The two most common areas of heresy coming out of the Gen X priests seem to be on the Nature of Christ, and on the purity of Mary. as well as her place in the economy of salvation.

This sermon on the Finding of Our Lord Jesus in the Temple involved equating Jesus with other young boys His age. The priest obviously had no studies in his seminary, as he is a young priest, concerning Who Christ is, the Nature of Christ’s Soul, Intellect, and Will.

Thankfully, my Jesuit guide in the book I have been reading understands Christ’s Person and wrote the opposite of what the priest said from the pulpit. But, how can I go about teaching the correct thing, the truth when priests make errors?

The priest I heard said that Christ had to learn to be obedient to His parents. That He was immature to stay behind in Jerusalem. No, no, no.

Christ was teaching His Parents. He was showing Mary and Joseph that as God, He demands perfect detachment from all human ties of affection. His Mission to the world, as Saviour, as Teacher, as Messiah, is part of Who He Is and why He became Incarnate.

Christ is not like any other human. He is always with and in the Trinity. Let my Jesuit author teach you this truth with his words.

“…He wished to teach men to put the interests of God’s glory above natural affections, even the most lawful ones; He wished, especially to teach religious that they should die entirely to the affections of flesh and blood, by changing the natural attachment to their relatives and friends into a spiritual one. 

To change filial affection into a spiritual love is not to destroy but to perfect it; in a certain sense, to make it divine. Have I always understood practised this doctrine? In consequence of not understanding it well, or rather, not practicising it well, many religious have become the victims of fatal delusions, and have at last lost their vocation.”

Christ allowed His Mother to suffer and His foster-father to suffer. As I wrote not too long ago, Mary was being prepared for the Passion and Death of Her Son. As the Jesuit father notes, Mary and Joseph did not really lose Jesus, but His sweet Presence for three days. The symbolism of the three days should be obvious to those who meditate on the Passion.

Sadly, this young priest I heard does not understand Christ’s Person, His relationship as the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. He does not understand “…to let all considerations about parents and families give way to the service of God, to whom we ought to devote ourselves entirely and before all things.”

Objectivity in relationships it the first step towards making those relationships divine. We posses no one, we are to leave all and follow Christ. We are to suffer the loss of those affections in order to enjoy more fully the One Love Who Is All in All, Christ Himself.

As the Jesuit notes, Christ’s actions teach us on purpose. All His actions instruct. Even when He returned to Nazareth under His parents, He was teaching us—“That become coming forward and professing to teach others, we should teach ourselves, in silence and retreat, virtue and knowledge, especially the knowledge of sanctity. …That we ought not to be eager or even desirous to leave this retreat till we are called….When we are called to the active life, placed in a home or employment, we ought not to mingle in the noise and conversations of this world more than is necessary, persuaded that we are nowhere so secure or so happy as in our cell alone with God.”

Christ from the moment of His Conception, from the first instance of the Incarnation, was always God, in and with the Trinity. He did not have to learn like ordinary human beings. He knew all things and knew Who He Is. He did not have to learn to be God.

Like those who compare Mary with ordinary human women, this priest from the pulpit missed the point. I am glad today that I have my Jesuit priest from 1848 speaking to me across the years to set the doctrine straight, for me and for you.

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