Many commentators on the Visitation, today’s Mass Gospel, simply do not understand the perfection of Mary.

Some have errorneously written that Mary needed a sign of her calling to be the Mother of God. Mary needed no signs as she had, from the womb, perfect confidence in God.

Some had said wrongly that Mary was afraid of Joseph’e reactions. Mary was completely without fear.

The problem is that people, some priests and laity, do not understand the meaning of the Immaculate Conception.

Mary was born without Original Sin and the effects of Original Sin.

She had all the virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit from the moment of her conception-all.

She never sinned, never had concupscience, never had tendencies toward sin, never had a darkened intellect regarding the things of God, never had illness or decay in her body,although like Christ God willed her to die, she never sinned once, in actual sin, and did not have a predominant fault. Many did not experience inordinate, unruly, disorderly passions, either in the senses or in the spirit.

When we say in the Church that Mary is the most perfect of all creatures, we mean that she was perfect.

The only suffering she endured was that suffering taken on because of her Son. All her sorrows have to do with Jesus, not her own self.

She never experienced regret or doubt.

The Fathers of the Church state also that from her Immaculate Conception, Mary had the use of reason.

I was contemplating these things at Mass today, and when I returned home, I read almost the same things in my daily Jesuit meditation book—happy God-incidence.

Too many writer, sadly write things for very popular commentaries sold across the world.

We are preparing for Advent, and this week is special. We are saying the O Antiphons and some parishes here are doing the Novena to Christmas together before Mass.

To be honest, I am a bit angry today at the nonsense being spread about Mary’s need for signs, or her fears and anxieties. These are blatantly Protestant interpretations of Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady, Mother of God, Our Lady Most Perfect, the Co-Redemptrix in suffering with Christ in His sufferings, and the Mediator of all Grace, because only a perfect woman could bear Eternal Wisdom in her womb.

Joseph, yes—he was born in sin and until Christ died on the Cross, he lived and died without the graces Mary was given from the first moment of her conception. Mary knew deep solitude, deep silence, she experienced from Day One of her existence the Indwelling of the Holy Trinity. Joseph is not equal to her in grace, gifts, position, title. He had to learn, like us, the hard way to become holy. Yes, like the Patriarchs and Prophets, he was given graces to become righteous, like Moses, or Jacob, or David, but not like Mary.

Mary was extraordinary, always. She was exceptional, always. She was perfect, always, which is the message both of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption.

Mary did not need to go for her own sake to see Elizabeth. She went to share Christ in her womb with the mother of the Precursor, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb. Mary went to Elizabeth in order to serve Elizabeth, cook for her, clean, order the house to get read for the baby, and converse with Elizabeth about the things of God.

Mary is the God-Bearer, the Theotokas, and her title is especially seen today.

We should try in these last few days before Christmas to model ourselves on Mary and beg her to intercede for all the graces that her Son wants to give us this coming December 25th.

Mary held Christ in her womb for nine months, but she held the Trinity within all her holy existence.

Do not try to make Mary just like anyone woman. She is The Woman. And by Divine choice she is given to us as Our Mother as well. She is more Mother to us than our own mothers, and she is Mother of the Church.

Mary is The Elect One, fulll of grace, with the Lord, always. Do not fall into error concerning the Queen of Heaven and Earth.