A few weeks ago, at Christmastime, I wrote about the misunderstandings surrounding Baby Jesus. Today, I want to quote the Jesuit priest who wrote about the Presentation and obviously understood the Christology, the theology of Christ as a Baby. I give the links to my previous articles connected to this subject





In one of the meditations on the Presentation in my little book of Jesuit prayer, the priest notes this:

“When Mary presented and offered up to the Lord her dear Child, He, possessing the full and perfect use of His reason, though He did not let it appear, offered Himself by Mary’s hands to God His Father as th most worthy victim, of which all the preceding has been only the types. …Jesus willed that His whole mortal life, not excepting His tenderest infancy, should be a continual immolation of Himself==an uninterrupted act of love; and we–we have begun so late to love Him, to ourselves to His divine service.”

Beginning in the mid-19th Century, staring with the Lutheran Scripture scholars in Europe, the effort to de-emphasize Christ’s Divinity grew and infiltrated the Catholic Church. Even today, in seminaries and in theology departments in some Catholic universities, the Modernist heresy that Christ did not know He was God and was not aware of His mission is being taught–even today.

Those theologians who published and taught a liberal interpretation of Scripture and who split Christ into the “Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith” destroyed much of the excellent theology which had developed through the teachings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church for centuries. Of course, undermining those great men and saints, was one of the ways the Protestants tried to undermine the Catholic Church, trying to destroy Tradition.

They succeeded in so many ways. And one of those ways has been the lack of truth regarding Christ as both Human and Divine. The Catholic teaching of the hypostatic union is ignored from the pulpit and in colleges. Jesus is One Person, True God and True Man. All the great heresies either denied Christ’s complete Divinity, or His complete humanity, or denied Mary as the Mother of God, the Theotokos

We have been given the light of faith in order to believe in Christ, True God and True Man. He was not in the arms of Simeon, just another ordinary baby. Mary knew He was the Son of God from His Conception. Christ was never separated from the Trinity.

It is time for schools, college, home schooling places to return to the basics about the communicatio idiomatum–that Christ in One Person Is both God and Man, two Natures, one Person. Studying the Gospel of John carefully with a Catholic commentary, such as the notes in the Douay-Rheims or the notes in the Navarre Bible, and studying the Council of Ephesus, would be a good start for those who need a crash course in the Person of Jesus Christ.

1 Timothy 2:5

For there is one God, and one mediator of God and men, the man Christ Jesus: