Fr. Bill Kneemiller, who was featured on my old blog regarding his military rosaries project, is now promoting the Shorter Christian Prayer book. He also is selling an interesting DVD on the Jewish roots of the daily prayer of the Church, the Breviary, or the Liturgy of the Hours.

He is making presentations in my home diocese, where I am right now, and I joined him this weekend saying the prayers with him and a small group. If readers have not begun to say the daily prayers of the Church, this small book is a great introduction.

The cheapest one I have found is here:

Some lay people use the three volume edition in English, some say the Liturgy of the Hours in Latin, and some use the Monastic Diurnal, which is in English and Latin. Also, for some, Universalis is a great aid, found here:

If one is introducing the Liturgy of the Hours to children in the home or in home schooling, the shorter version is good. I actually taught my son the breviary using the Angelus Press edition years ago.

God bless all who teach their little ones to pray daily.