Welcome to the new Etheldreda’s place. The main reason for the switch is to change the focus of the blog and to connect with the new forum which should be in place by Friday.

From now on, I shall only write about prayer, the spiritual life, saints, and doctrine. I am leaving the discussion of contemporary topics, either political or social, to other blogs. Many other sites do a fantastic job covering all the topics I either highlighted or linked on the old blog.

This represents my decision to concentrate on priorities for these times. Above, I used the title “Prepping” and we must be prepping, both physically and spiritually.

This blog is for spiritual preppers.

All baptized Christians truly are preppers. We prepare all of our lives for our end, as determined by God, which we know as heaven or hell. Eternal life, the goal, must be “prepped for”. But prepping can be also for these times, for helping other cope, for evangelization, for comforting, for educating, for consoling all those who need the Good News of the Gospel.

So, this is the spiritual prep blog! Some of the articles will be or have been moved to this blog, but not all. Only those which fit into the categories of prayer and doctrine, the spiritual life and catechesis, will be found here. A few other posts, on historical figures, saints, Doctors of the Church, and so on, can be found here.

I am just getting use to the new format myself.

The forum as of this hour, early Thursday morning, has proved to be much harder to organize than previously imagined. But, that link will be on this blog.

More later….