I have been moving about, which seems to be a call which God decided is good for me. However, I have managed to finish both “sequels” and you might want to say a little prayer that these two books are picked up as well.

Writing a book is like having a child. One works and works, concentrating and living in the world of words, until the work has come of age and ready to go out into the big, bad world.

And, like any mum, I wonder what will happen to these little books when I send these out. All will come back for awhile, like children in need of a home, a roof, a meal, as one has to check edits and approved edits.

But, like a good mum, I am not stressed or overly concerned. God is in charge of everything, even the words in my head.

Writing fiction is much more time consuming than writing “technically”, as I do on this blog. One had to create a world and worlds within worlds, love both the good guys and the bad guys enough to persist in their development, and try, try, try not to become sentimental or trite.

So, after finishing book three, I am resting my brain for a few days, eating more fish, and already thinking of the next story.

I sincerely hope people like what I have sent out of this little door of my heart.