A White Flower of Nazareth

called down Love

Eternal Wisdom came into

her womb

seeing her purity of heart,

her soul

delighting in her pure mind,

Eternal Wisdom

entered her and made a

house on earth.

Creator came into Creature,

Eternal Light

into the darkness of the


Eternal Wisdom became

Man and

Dwelt among us. Now


For the time of His glory

and her triumph

But, not before she watches

and waits

the end of justice,

and the beginning

of Eternal Life for all

who love.

Those who wait in love

those who act

in love

will see this

White Flower.

She will recognize

her children, like

the bird knows

her young.

As the leaves fall,

as the cool wind

brings rain,

so God calls

again and again

the children of Mary.

Mary leads us

to Christ, and

Christ leads us

to Mary.