A few highlights from the history of the Catholic Church, which has survived some really bad popes and which has never seen a pope make an error in a statement from the Chair of Peter on faith and morals…never.

Yes, there are excellent, good, mediocre and just plan bad popes. Our present pope is not “bad”. He may speak to the communist, socialist Italian press too much which wants to bring down the Catholic Church, and he may trust that people understand when he says something shocking that he is, well, stirring the pot on purpose. He makes vague statements, but he has not made official statements.

But to jump from those errors to thinking that this pope will ruin the Catholic Church is false thinking.

Just a reminder on some truly evil popes who did not bring down the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church…

Pope Stephen VI is infamous for digging up his predecessor, excommunicating him and declaring all his ordinations as invalid. Stephen was finally imprisoned and strangled there.

That is pretty bad.

Another baddie was Pope John XII, who endowed his mistress with property, spent his time hunting, hawking, gaming, drinking and chasing ladies, and was not interested in ecclesiastical affairs, and was murdered in bed by the husband of the wife he was with at the time.

That is really bad news.

Pope Urban VI , although a true pope and supported by St. Catherine of Siena in the West Schism, had no people skills and alienated almost everyone around him. He was one of those warrior popes and was unpopular with the people of Rome, a tolerant group to be sure.

Pope Alexander VI had several mistresses and several children. He committed the sin of nepotism as well.

Pope Leo X was a spendthrift and liked masquerades, a dubious form of entertainment.