Helpers Needed ?

I grew up in a household which loved Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel. My mother had played a part in the production in St. Louis as a child, twice it seems, in the Kiel Auditorium. She played a bird, in the forest scene with the animals, and a fairy or angel in another production. The instrumental played… Read More

Three Great Ladies

Today is the feast day of three female lay Catholic women who were martyred for the Faith. Most readers know about Margaret Clitherow, who has become a patron of mothers with children in the womb, as not only was she killed for hiding priests, but her unborn baby died as well under the crushing weights.… Read More

Solitude and Detachment

When I decided to change the focus of the blog, after long discussions with son and friends, my conflict on continuing involved answering three questions. Is writing on the blog still a good and necessary “ministry” for me, a layperson? Can I maintain solitude and still write publicly? Can I be detached from the world… Read More

Age of Rage Two

The modern religions of psychology and psychoanalysis ignore the soul, as Father Chad Ripperger correctly points out in books and lectures. Without a consideration of the spiritual life, the diagnosis of narcissism, for example and for the purposes of this second post on the subject, becomes focussed on childhood neglect, trauma, or misapprehensions, all centered… Read More