Forum Exit

Those who are signed up to discuss things on the forum may continue to do so. However, as my Internet time, even if more regular in the near future, will be limited, I shall exit from the forum. Feel free to talk to each other. I do apologize for this interruption, but I cannot control… Read More

Good News


Starting on Tuesday, I shall have access to regular Internet again. I shall not have to go to the local grocery store cafe, where I have done a minimum of blogging. Sigh…I apologize for this delay. I also had flu for four days and a reaction to a tetanus shot…Very hard week. I was not… Read More

Jesus Accused

Jesus Judged A Blasphemer My Jesuit mentor via the old book I have on daily Ignatian meditations offered this week a startling but true set of thoughts on Christ before the Sanhedrin. That God the Son was accused of blasphemy was a blasphemy itself. I want to make numbered points out of this meditation, as… Read More


I have had flu for two days, but am getting better. Someone took me to a wifi cafe today, so here are some posts. I should be blogging regularly again by March 1st. Please ignore any spelling errors or typos, as my spell check is not working again. God bless. This one is on mortification.… Read More