There are some rad trad haters publishing stuff. No one should read these writers.

They use the Church Fathers and Doctors against the Pope. They use analogy to criticize the last several popes. Analogy, not logic…

These writers are diabolical as they hate the Catholic Church and believe in some “ideal” Church which does not exist.

Some deny the present pope as a real pope. They claim that all post-new ordination rite priests are not real priests. And so on….

How did it happen that so many rad trads have become sedevacantists? One cannot blame anyone but one’s self for moving into that heretical position? One cannot blame anyone else for one’s position regarding the Church.

As to the SSPX, here is a reminder of an excellent letter sent out by Bishop Morlino of Madison last year: he did not want his authority applied to a larger audience, but his ideas are good and I doubt whether any reader would misuse this information. The quotations from Benedict XVI are particularly revealing.

Please be patient and humble and do not become a person full of the demons of antagonism and division. We are safe in the Church. The Church protects us.

Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us.