I shall not have regular access to the Net until Saturday for various reasons here. However, this is a scheduled Happy Year, 2016 greeting.

We have so little time in which to find God in our lives. I feel this urgency to pass on good thoughts from the Jesuit priest, unnamed in the book I have been using for my own meditations, to you.

I present a few which touched me today:

The shepherds went back, according to Luke, who got his information from Our Lady, and told others what they saw and heard. The spread the news of the Saviour’s Birth with joy.

As this good Jesuit points out, no one queued up at the stable. The town of Bethlehem ignored the Good News. People did not come to see the Christ.

Can you imagine this? Shepherds sharing the revelation of the Heavenly Host, seeing the Baby themselves, spreading the Gospel message and no one listening, or at least responding?

The priest writes: “We should have thought that they would have run to the stable to adore their Saviour, and disputed who should have the honour of lodging Him, of having Him with them. But, they did nothing; they wondered and reasoned, and then became indifferent, and forgot Him.”

Shocking, we think. But daily, millions of people do the same thing. They hear and see the wonders of God in their midst and do nothing. They are given opportunities to have Christ dwell among them, and they do nothing.

Mary, states Luke, and this priest reminds us today, ponder all these things in her heart. I pointed out yesterday, the God prepared her for the Passion.

Her Little Baby, laying in the cold, without a proper home in which to lay His Little Self for the first part of His Life, was ignored.


God demands fervour from us, not ignorance or ignoring God’s eternal love for each one of us.

As the priest notes, we have so little time to respond to God’s love, and as he emphasizes, to do penance for our sins, to live out our purgatory on earth, “to live and die as saints, to attain a high degree of glory in heaven.”

When we sit down today and hopefully look over the past year, let us look with both hope and regret. Regret at the lost opportunities for choosing holiness, hope that God, in this Year of Mercy, extends His grace to us over and over.

May God bless your 2016.