I have mentioned this book in the past, Trust, by Father Faul De Jaegher, S.J., published in England in 1932.

One of the things in the book struck me today, and I believe this concept will help some of us in the horrible, trying days to come.

Father notes, that once a person has truly given themselves to God, and who is trying to live in God’s will and following the road to perfection, to that soul God entrusts other souls.

Father notes this, “There are countless souls, scatterd over the whole world, that are one with it in Jesus. In it and in those countells souls, the same grace of its divine Spouse flows freely; a life as single as it is immense, a life that is of God, is their vital principle. By it their sufferings are endured. In it their sines, their moral miseries find sorrowful echoses. The malignanny of their vices leave it not unaffected. How intense is its desire, by mean of its pertpetual prayers and it untiring zeal, to be one of those living cells full of divine life that, with feverish activity, in a secret and mysterious manner, multiply themselves, and in the end bring sweetness to the world and finally convert it.”

Several bullet points, as I, sadly, do not have time to elaborate.

  • The Jesuit view that God desires to convert the world and that God dwells in the world through souls in clear here.
  • Those who have tremendous suffering in their lives IF they have given their lives over to God completely, not only bring their own souls to a cooperation of perfection, but lead others as well to this state.
  • Those who and given, are charged by God to bring other souls to heaven, must do so as part of their call, once they are joined with Christ, to convert through the countless graces given by God to those souls in the Illuminative or Unitive State.s.
  • I extrapolate, that those who have one, two, three and more fallen away Catholics in their families, or those who have many pagans to pray for in their work place, are given those souls to those people, in grace, who then are entrusted to bring them to God.
  • Free will dictates who will respond to grace and who will not.

All of us should have a hunger for souls. All souls hunger for love, but not all look in the right place for that love, the right place being God, Who Is Love. When we totally identify with Christ while on earth, others see Christ in us, and our prayers become efficacious.

Father De Jaegher writes, “The life of a soul identified with Jesus is a perpetual and all-powerful supplication, a supplication that might be said to be a continuation and prolongation of all the prayers said by the Saviour during his life upon this earth. His prayers by night on the lonely hills of Galilee and of Judea, his prayers of the present uttered in the solitude of this soul in which he is free to act and to pray, mix and mingle in a supplication that is as full of love as of efficacy with God….How can the heavenly Father refuse to listen to such petitions, since they are no more than petitions of Jesus himself, and his own heart’s inclinations?”

But, may I add, that those of us who pray for the lost souls, must first admit the seriousness of the choices of those who have gone into darkness. One cannot pretend that serious sin, apostasy, anger, malice, deceit, irregular marriages and homosexual sins, as well as drug and alcohol abuse do not matter.

I shall write tomorrow of the needs of reparation more. Sadly, I do not have daily Internet access, so bear with me until this can be addressed. I am not even in an area where there are hotspots. It amazes me, every time I come back from Europe, how untechnical and how separated from communication is Middle America.

I think this is a sign of the lack of desire to want to know things. I am now living among those people who are “asleep” and cannot see the dangers to their bodies and to their souls which is looming. Catholics in Europe are more awake, can see the deluge coming, because, as one friend of mine told me the other day, those European Catholics are already a remnant and have, thankfully developed, remnant mentalities.

Here, in a supposedly Christian culture, which it is not, American Christians, including Catholics, for the most part have fallen into a deep sleep of complacency.

Later, I shall write about the great need for reparation and expiation, to which WE are called, to join with Christ on the Cross, NOW!