The meditations this week on the various apparitions of the Risen Christ to His followers, including His Mother Mary, have been some of the most difficult to imagine. Recalling that St. Ignatius wants those doing the Exercises to use active imagination in these meditations, and recalling that I am having difficulties with meditations at this time, I have to be patient.

A few points which are worth considering from my thoughts today:

Some of the women where allowed to touch Christ’s Feet, but Mary Magdalen was asked not to touch Him, I assume that her love was not yet purified to accept Who the Risen Lord actually is. The levels of purification happen in all the saints, as various times.

Two, the angel came and rolled back the stone. Christ did not do this. He is now King of Heaven and Earth. All honor and glory belong to Him and the angels serve Him. The angel serving Christ reveals one’s own need to serve Christ, even if it means  “only” rolling back stones.

Three, Mary, Our Mother, may have been warned, or as we say, given a heads-up that Christ was coming to visit her after His Resurrection. Of course, she would be the first visited by the Triumphant Christ. Perhaps an angel came to her; perhaps Joseph, now freed from Limbo or Hell, depending on the tradition;  perhaps her own dear parents came to her. That Christ visits the Woman who is now Queen of Heaven and Earth first is obvious, but how this happened is a mystery.

I cannot really imagine that tender moment.

Four, Christ appeared to many, many people, and made Himself known to those who loved Him, just as He will make known Himself to each one of us, who love. Him.


to be continued…