For years on this blog, I have tried to wake up readers and those who are connected to my readers from sleep. This has been a meme on all three of my blogs, and on the others on which I have written.

I am again living in the Land of Sleep. The recent caucus has revealed that the majority of people in both parties are asleep.

Other Catholic writers in the past of written of moral, ethical, religious, politcial “sleep”.

Quoting St. Paul, Father De Jaegher writes:

“I fill up those things that are wanting of the sufferings of Christ, in my flesh.” (Col.1:24)

Father continues, “In every age and particularly in our own age of frenzied pleasure couraggeous sould have echoed this cry of the great Apostle.’There is great need’ exlamed the Foundress of the Friends of the Poor, ‘ of generous no less than of compassionate souls, that by their penitence are eager to give Jesus proof of their love. They are necessary that they many arouse from sleep those qho are lulled by the egoistic routine of sloth and prosperity. Self-sacrifice is necessary. Jesus makes search for it. Himeself no longer able to suffer in his flesh that has taken on glory, his love-wounded heart craves souls upon which he can spend his grace, for the resurrection of those countless dead who sleep in the terrifying tomb. The times are critical. Good men have suffered much; their pleas and their expiations are at the point of gaining the mercy of God, Yet to realise success to the full, to secure the triumph of Jesus of the Host, martyrs by their won free will are needed. The heroism of the righteous shall weigh down the scales of mercy…’”

Are you suffering? Good, pray for your own purification and for the salvation of those souls around you.

Are you fasting? You must. A perons asked me why their prayers for his family were not being answered, as they have all falled away, including his wife—he has never fasted. He has not been willing to give up his lifestyle of eating out and buying unnecessary things in order to bring his wife back to the Church.

After speaking with him a long time ago about this, I decided not to be in his company, as all he and his wife want to do is spend money on themselves and their house, and not engage in any reparation. They are asleep.

Are your children not coming back to the Church, or your grandchildren? Are you doing reparation? Have you spoken the tough love of truth to them and followed up with suffering?

Father states this, “Thre are so many infidelities, som many inquities,, so many vilenesses that need atonement.” He notes that the world is “in forgetfullness or in positive hate of God.”

Despite our lowliness, we must join our chosen and given mortifications with those of Christ in order not only to save our own souls, but those of others.

Doing fun things together does not bring people to Christ. Reparation does.

Father writes quoting Therese Durnerin, “I am just…and when the soul has completed its task set for it, I myself take the balance of its expiation and add it to my own divine goodness. I make it one of with my abounding merits: the accumulation of my expiations and of those of my elect’ I make it part of my jealously gurarded treasure. This is the origin of those excessive expiations, that go to make my life of my predestined chose one long martyrdom. Making my divine foresight the arbiter of all things, I make them my drudges, my slaves of sorrow.”

Many, many people I know have family members who, if these people died today, would go to hell.

I want to tell all that we are the ones who must pray, fast, suffer for these lost souls.

That is not only a duty, but a joyous and loving call from Christ to join Him on the Cross.

Will you accept this call for the sake of your husband, wife, daughter, son, niece, nephew, neighbor, mother, father, uncle, grandchildren, great-grandchildren?

I do not want to stand before Christ in my particular judgement and have Him show me that several people were lost because I was too selfish, too comfortable, to willing to want to be friends instead of a raparative soul, and so on…..

This may seem like the call of the few, but in the days to come, this is the call of all those who love Christ and have zeal for souls.

Not sure I shall be online on Thursday or Friday, but am making great efforts to be so…