Those of you who read this blog know that I follow a little daily meditation booklet written in 1848 by an unknown Jesuit. This booklet teaches one how to do the Ignatian type of meditation. Today, the priest had these wise words to share: “….God the Father, ….makes use of the malice or the mistakes of the sins of the world.” Now, this was true of the Passion and Death of Our Lord, but it is also true in our own lives. Recently, I have had to suffer something which is most unpleasant because of the sins of others towards me. Now, I accept this suffering because I know this situation is punishment for sins, time off purgatory, and teaching me that nothing is wasted, including no negative events or sufferings of any sort. However, one needs to learn patience in order to endure suffering imposed upon one.

My life is not my own, so I keep in mind that anything which happens is God’s Will. Period.

May this little insight from the Jesuit help you through suffering.