My stay with the nuns for three weeks was not a retreat, as the order is semi-contemplative and I merely in stride again with my own contemplative schedule as much as possible. But soon, I shall be starting yet another Ignatian Retreat, my fourth in my life, to determine some direction in my new life as a consecrated lay person.

I have a great spiritual director who is helping me do this, and already, some of my friends want to do the same. This type of modified retreat allows a lay person to do the meditations in the daily routine, without getting away. Of course, living alone again now, I have much more silence in my life than the average lay person, but I am still in the world, busy about many things.

Ignatian spirituality, as I noted in the Framing Prayer series on the old blog, seems to be particularly conducive to lay life.

I may be blogging less at this time, and I apologive to forum readers, but do not give up on me, I shall return to doing and being on the forum soon. In the meantime, talk to each other.

As we all know, the world we live in has begun to collapse around us and many of us are feeling the constriction of freedoms.

I apologize for typos. I only have Internet in public areas for the next several months and am, again, only online for a bit each day.