Sitting in a lobby where foreign people from all over the world, China, Japan, Serbia, Malta, Italy, Germany and America, are mulling over the tragedy of the 13th, I am struck by the denial of what is actually happening.

I see candlelight vigils on the news and the lost looks of the young who cannot understand what is happening. They cannot understand, just as so many people with whom I have spoken, do not understand, the power of ideological religion. They cannot believe that some people choose darkenss over light, violence and death over peace and life, malice over love.

And, yet, many, millions of people in this world choose the darkness of sin and death. They willingly decide to follow one way or another into darkness.

We Catholics know that Christ is the ONLY Light of the World. That there is no light without Christ. He is IT. We know that baptism and the sacraments bring light into the world. That the Vulnerable God in the Monstrance is the Light of healing and salvation for all .

Still, some choose, willingly, darkness. This has always been and always will be until Christ returns to earth.

Today, at Mass, the homily was fantastic. The priest told us that the Coming of Christ is not a threat, but a promise of the reward of eternal life for those who follow Him-those of us who take God seriously. The priest told us that the overcoming of evil is a promise, not a threat. Justice will meet with Love, and those who choose to be with Christ will be with the Resurrected One forever.

The key is love, not hate, charity, not malice, wisdom, not stupidity or wilful blindness.

Christianity built the West, Western art, Western classical music, Western architecture, Western laws, Western respect for women based on the love and respect to the Theotokos.

Years ago, I knew this was all coming, as God allowed me to see exactly what has been happening the past few months. I saw more, in 2008, in three days of visions. Most of what I saw I put into my short stories on the old blog, realizing that people would not and did not want to believe what God allowed me to see.

At least two years ago, and for those who know me and read my blogs, I knew that things would get bad by the end of 2015. I thought the persecution would start in September. Now, it has begun. We are in the age of tribulation.

We have some leaders who are cooperating with the enemy. I do not need to get specific. One Maltese person said to me that she is reminded of the Siege of Malta, the great holding back of the Turks which saved Europe from tyranny. But, where are the chevaliers? One Maltese man told me Rome was next. Then, London.

Candlelight vigils make me both sad and angry. These symbolic gestures do no good and betray only confusion in those who cannot see the big picture. Yet, those who place flowers and candles on the blood on the sidewalks mourn not only the dead, but the death of the West. Their gestures are pathetic.

I do not need to write about the big picture. We know what it is. God told us and we only need to be ready for the worst yet to come.

The only real candles are you and me. If we are not the light of the world, the world will perish in darkness. Be light, allow God to make you into light, be purfified. follow the Light of the World in every way. Desire to be like Christ.

The only candlelight vigils worth anything will be the expending of our own lives for Christ in order to bring others to Him.

If you are not light, if you are not loving and reaching out, you will perish. Each one of us need to cross the line into the light. All, who want to live in eternal light with God in heaven, need to choose it now.

We are watching the unveiling of spiritual warfare, and this is only the small beginning.

Be prepared by becoming saints…be light and live in the Light.