Too many people have lived in chaos, not planning their interior lives to conform with their outward lives. Sometimes, a death, or unemployment, or a divorce wakes up the chaotic soul and leads them to a new order.

Order comes from within and spreads to one’s external life. Sometimes, God has an order for us which may seem chaotic to others. I am sure that St. Francis’ lifestyle seemed chaotic to his contemporaries, as did lives of Mother Teresa of Calcutta or St. Mary Magdalen, who traveled to France, as did Martha, Mary and Lazarus, to spread the Gospel.

Chaos usually is rooted in evil, as evil not only desires destruction, but inevitably destroys itself.  Evil can only cooperate with evil for a time, as the vices get in the way of cooperation. Thus, all empires have fallen not only because of attack from without, but from decay from within.

Order, on the other hand, comes from the virtues emanating out from a good, clear soul and the more people in an area who are one with God in Christ, the more real order will be manifested in that society.

Once people lose the life of the virtues, chaos ensues. Hence, the Eldest Daughter of the Church experiences chaos as too many of her inhabitants have left the path of God and His one, true, holy, apostolic and Catholic Church.

There is only one way to order, through Christ and His sacramental Church. All other ways fall into chaos.