As one who has been writing about Gramsci for years on the old blog, I was delighted last Friday to read the comment from the doctor who made the Intervention at the Synod. One can follow this up on many different sites. If you do not know who Gramsci is, read my many, many posts on the old blog under There are at least 80 on Gramsci there.

However, it is even more obvious that blogging days are numbered, at least for those of us who have been writing for international audiences for years, as I have, and others “way more” prominent than my musings. It does not matter if one is a little guy or a big guy in the blogging world, the same fate of either being shut-down, fined, or even imprisoned, will happen. What I experienced in the past several years was a warning to all bloggers.

The tide has turned and we are now in tribulation. Do not kid yourselves. Sadly, daily, I meet people, or people come into my radar, who deny this fact, thinking that Mary Our Mother will create some type of miracle and save us all from tremendous suffering. The time for mercy has gone. The time of justice is upon us.

We had many, many years to repent. Where are the rosary crusades, the fastings called on by the bishops’ conferences, the humility of the lay people in praying for priests, bishops, cardinals, the Pope?

Hatred and criticisms, political machinations, and even complaining, will change nothing.

We lay people could have stopped both the Roe v. Wade decision with prayer, and also the latest SCOTUS decision on ssm. Yes, we could have prayed and fasted as the Catholic Church in America.

Same with Ireland, now lost, or Malta.

Lost prayer opportunities. There is so little faith among even trad Catholics who would rather argue about the liturgy than get down and dirty, doing mortification for this Pope and those in Rome.

Who is doing penance? What orders are involved in penitential acts? I know a few, mostly new ones, which are tackling the real drama behind the drama in Rome—remember, what is unseen is great than what is seen.

Frankly, I am losing more and more patience with ignorance and denial. WE ARE IN TRIBULATION NOW. And, things will get worse quickly.


Where are the saintly priests preaching repentance and mortification from the pulpit? Where are the priests speaking out against Masonry, against in-fighting and rancor in their parishes? Where are the priests giving sermons on demonic influences in peoples’ lives, influences which cloud discernment and, eventually will lead some Catholics further away from the Church.

I have not hear ONE sermon from a TLM priest on the dangers of going to the SSPX, when I have been told by one exorcist and two holy Benedictine priests that it is a mortal sin to go to the SSPX when one can attend a regular TLM. Are priests afraid to tell people that they have to attend a NO Mass when there is no TLM available?

Yet, such decisions on the part of the laity, like refusing to go to the NO, kill unity, stop communities from learning to love, create murmurers, who will not enter the Promised Land.

Those who murmur poison communities and parishes. Sadly, this poison gets passed down to children in families and stop vocations.

Recently, a friend of mine shared with me that in the rosary group he attends some men were speaking against the NO. Why? Why go on and on about the Novus Ordo when TLMS are now available, and when the NO is valid.? Yes, valid.

Ignorance of how the Church works as an institution creates problems as well, and sadly, online, there seems to be more ignorance than not. I read only three blogs, three, and I may cut down to two. Why? The commentators have become more and more anti-Catholic-Catholics spewing out hatred without praying for those they criticize. Long ago, like fifteen years ago, God told me in prayer that I was not allowed to criticize a priest unless I prayed for him daily.

Uppity laity are those who have not studied the history of the councils or the history of the liturgy, but insist on opinions.

Enough, already!

Sadly, too many Catholic adults speak and write totally from opinion and not study.

One reason I emphasize personal holiness on this blog and my other blogs in the past is that holiness combats the adversarial spirit. The Church is being destroyed by both liberals and rad-trads. God will judge both as prideful.

Humility, states St. Benedict, is the primary way to holiness. Humility involves looking at one’s sorry state of sin and imperfection, while withholding judgment on others.

I have heard more nonsense about what the Pope thinks and feels in the past two months than I have in years. We honestly do not know and cannot tell motivation or feelings. These types of things, like emotions or inner desires, may or may not be what a person actually talks about or reveals. Sincerely, we do not know much except what is written and reported on responsibly.

Few blogs and few articles are truly honest, fair and responsible.

And, the lack of historical perspective creates stupidity among lay commentators.

The Church will experience the worst persecution both from within and without and it has already begun. We have been warned of this for centuries, indeed, for over a millennium.

Who will truly persevere in the coming days? Not murmurers—God slew them in the desert. Not the prideful—Christ scolded them publicly calling them “white-washed sepulchers”. Not the self-righteous, or those full of malice, or those who constantly judge, without taking a long, good look at their own souls.


The only way to persevere is to become holy, truly humble, and reliant totally on Divine Providence. All else is folly..

Yes, we need to read and be aware, but we need to think like Catholics. We also have to give up all ideas of a triumphalist Church and think in terms of remnant Church, a huge theme on the old blog. I feel almost as if I have failed in my long years of warnings and predictions, commentaries and insights, all given in and through reflection and prayer. You all have been part of my Lectio Divina.

I suppose it does not matter if I have failed, because I did what I was called to do and be-a prophet.

There are many ways to silence a prophet. We shall see institutionalized forced silence very, very soon.

I predicted years ago that America will become a tyranny and Europe will fall into anarchy. Look….

Like Jeremiah, I am willing to go into exile with the faithful, but there are so few, so few…

Give up your own ideas and ideologies about the Catholic Faith. Learn the truth, learn history, while you still can.

Give your ideas of careers if you are a Catholic and be prepared, as faithful Catholics, to be forced out of education at all levels, and medicine, and the legal professions. It has all happened before…

The patron of Catholic lawyers is a martyr. The patron of educators wrote more on love than any other topic. The patron of doctors is known not for his medicine, but for his gospel and the history of the earliest days of the Church.

Get ready. Now. And learn not to rely on the props you have had up to this time, including blogs.

We bloggers do not have much time left to write freely. Weeks, or months….

Jeremiah wrote Lamentations, weeping over the destruction of Jerusalem. Some of us will not have that luxury and history will not see the written weeping of those who went into exile. There may be no scribes to write down the tears and poetry of grief.

Perhaps, the Church of the future will be locked in a new silence never witnessed before, only pierced by the brave passing of those martyrs who are forced to declare their faith in the market place.

Perhaps, the local parishes will be house meetings, disguised like cocktail parties, as my friends told me about in lands where Catholicism was forced underground in modern times.

Perhaps, we shall have to live without the sacraments, as I have written before, in long months of waiting for a visiting priest, one of the few.

Some of our ancestors lived through such times, as I have noted on the many articles on the English recusant houses I wrote in years past.

Like a voice crying in the wilderness, I remind you all of this now. Time for typing is coming to an abrupt ending.

But, do not be afraid. Divine Providence foresaw and allowed these times for the sanctification of Holy Mother Church, and for our own personal holiness. We are being the great opportunity to become saints and the mark of the saint has ever been and ever shall be, love.

In all this suffering, if you learn love, you will be saved.

“See how they love one another” was the cry of the tired and disillusioned pagans. They will come to us again. But, not before many trials to make us perfect enough to accept and love those who will need to see Christ in us.

Let Christ shine through you. The only way to do this is to die to self. Less me, more God.

Some things will last, but many things we know and love today will not last. What must last is love, the real sacrificial love of Christ, not sentimental, superficial love.

Can we measure up to this task? Yes, if we are open to grace, to purgation, to love.

In Conference Ten, Cassian, through Abba Isaac refers to Christ’s example of leaving the world now and then, to find solitude in mountains. I have wondered about this, as Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity did not need to go away, separate Himself from men, from the hustle and bustle of daily life on earth, as He was and is always in and with the Trinity. As God, Christ, all Pure, did not need to seek purity of heart, mind, soul, will, imagination.

However, Christ taught us by example, states Isaac. He went away to show us that we all need to pursue solitude. This is necessary for us, weak as we are, and so easily distracted by things and people.

What Christ found in solitude was and is with Him at all times—Love. This love is the center of our search in solitude, through purification, to perfection.

Love is the goal and the way.