One of the ironies of relativism and political correctness, must be that these ideologies seem to preach peace and acceptance.

Those who want only politically correct teachers, journalists, priests, or politicians want peace at any price.

Catholics have never accepted peace at any price. But, what is this price?

Governments across the world are preparing us for the coming of the anti-Christ in four ways. Pay attention to these developments in so-called free countries.

  1. The marginalization of dissent of the established norm of behavior, as set up by governments through school curriculum or societal pressures-examples may be found in the appeal for peace by marginalizing those deemed extremists by a government. This gross polticial correctness and social engineering will lead to the anti-Christ coming with no or little opposition.
  2. The lack of leadership, the plethora of mediocre leaders, allows one “charismatic” and successful leader to take over and bring about change in an almost messianic manner. People are starved for good leadership, but will be and are duped by the cult of leadership, the adoration of leaders. Only one person with talent, and with the power of the demonic behind him, can easily take over areas of national boundaries and states because of the lack of leadership.
  3. Chaos in governments and the lack of moral, honest governments, especially in Europe, to deal with inflation, unemployment, immigration, and other crises, will create a thirst for order, any order, to stem chaos. One anti-Christ can restore such order, albeit at a cost.
  4. The more decisions are taken out of the hands of local governments, the easier it will be for one person with extraordinary talents and power to step in.

The price for peace will be the persecution of the Church, yet again.

The West is fast disappearing as the stronghold of democratic or liberal in the good sense of the word, liberal as in free because of mediocrity and fear, both elementsts in a social dynamic, with make people crave normalcy at any cost.

People do not want war or force….but they want peace. Any one person can appear on the scene and seem to be good by restoring order out of chaos but at the price of religious freedom for Catholics, the one group who clearly hold up truth to the world, the one institution, the Church, to threaten the evil we cannot see but perceive now daily as a growing power. What is unseen will finally be obvious, but who will be able to discern this false leader, this false messiah? Only the pure in heart….

To avoid the use of force, people will chose a false peace-maker. The world is now being set-up, becoming the stage on which the anti-Christ will appear and act.