I am sick of opinions. Too many lay people on the left and right side of issues have opinions, which are purely their own and not based on the teaching of the Church.

Here is the root of opinionated people: they do not love the Church, the real Church.

They want some sort of “ideal Church” which does not exist, a perfecton only to be found in Christ Himself.  And, the Church could be made more holy, if people really, truly wanted to become saints.

But, even some rad-trads really, truly do not want to be saints. They want their own opinons about the Mass, the clergy, family life, economic systems and so on, to be “gospel truth”.

The same spirit of rebelllion which marks the liberal marks those on the right who constanly disagree with Holy Mother Church, believing there was some golden age when the Church was not beset with problems both externallly and internally.

One must love the Church as one finds the Church, otherwise, one may find one’s self in the exact same mindset as those rebels who called themselves reformers 500 years go.

Rebellion can come from the liberal attitude of disobedience, and from a traditional attitude of disobedience.

Every adult who is physically and mentally able has a duty to study the documents and teachings of the Church. Every adult do not have to read the newspapers and magazines which spew out hatred for the Pope, the hierarchy, the Church in general.

Hatred of the Church seems to me to be demonic. Who hates the Church more than Satan? He can tempt anyone to hate….

Do you hate or do you love Holy Mother Church?

Obedience is a sign of love. Opinonated views which contradict practice or doctrine are signs of hatred.

Simple, really….