This past week, I had a short discussion with two Muslim girls who are students here. They are preparing for careers in government. Their own countries, as they are not from here, allow women to work in the fields they have chosen.

These young women are full of confidence. They know the world is open to them, at least in certain places. But, one said something very interesting which tipped me off as to the reality of, at least, her world view.

She said to another student standing here that one of her best friends was studying in France at the a university which she mentioned. She noted that this university was good “but too Christian”.

Immediately, this girl revealed her world view. Even though her own prospects are cheery, she deems a major and ancient university in France as too much outside her own world view to be considered as “good”.

We are surrounded by ideas which are absolutely contrary to our Catholic Faith. Ideas which include not only a different world view, but one not based on the Mind of Christ Himself, are gaining ground, and by this I mean, gaining real ground, physicaly ground, mental, and even spiritual ground.

Christianity wanes in areas where people do not practice it. Where Christ is not proclaimed King, God, Ruler, Victor, a vacuum grows and grows.  And, as we know, where there is God, there cannot dwell satan’s armies. But, where there is a vacuum, satan steps in with his cohorts and takes over.

This happens in individual souls, in families, in towns, in cities, and so on.

Too many people talk about evil as it is merely a cloud floating around grabbing innocent people. No, evil is a choice as well as a person. Yes, we can sin by omission, but most sins are commission. Sins of omission are those of sloth, heedlessness, carelessness, when we do not consider the needs of others around us. Sins of commission are those we choose to do, while sins of omission are sins because we are choosing not to do something.

Ironically, the conscience may be deadened more easily by sins of omission rather than commission. Nations are well as individuals can fall into deceit and carelessness creating an entire atmosphere of omission to do good.  For example, nations which demand that shops be open on Sunday, making people work and even miss church services are causing sins of omission to proliferate.

Nations which have unjsut laws create an atmosphere of heedlessness and take away personal responsibility. Communism and socialism take away personal responsibility, for charity, for real community, but so do some false religions.

Injustice among nations causes people to become less and less personally involved with others. The constant denial of Christ’s reign and the constant revilement of His Church will lead to destruction, as God prophesied through His prophets, over and over again.

When a national lifestyle based on decisions of both omission and commission become entrenched, then we see the Hand of God intervening to show His Glory and Justice.

So, what does this all have to do with one young girls comment on a university being “too Christian.”