Because I am living where people watch television, I caught the end of a show on the disappearance of the traditional man. The panel discussed a new book on this sad subject, and the women on the panel were hardly sympathetic to the problems a nation will face and does face with the disappearance of real men.

I have made up my own list of what I think a traditional man should be like and share it here, knowing that the new men of America, who are mostly passive and hedonistic, thinking primarily of self and not others, are taking the lead. For more on that subject, go to my old blog and read about peter pans, predators, and protectors. There are very few protectors.

Traits of a real, traditional man:

Accepts suffering as necessary part of life and will take on suffering so that others more vulnerable, like women and children, do not have to suffer.

Prays and knows that humility before God is not weakness but strength.

Discerns correctly and can make clear and good decisions, not waffling or procrastinating, because good discernment which comes from three things: examination of conscience and regular confession; work on the predominate fault; life of virtue.

A real man never complains or mentions in public illnesses. Whingers are not real men.

A real man is dependable, plans, does what he says he is going to do and takes the initiative. If he is not dependable, he is still a boy, not a man.

A traditional or real man protects the reputation of women, regardless of their worth.

A real man never yields under pressure and never, never, never compromises God’s Will or the right thing to do. Conviction follows good mental and spiritual training. To compromise is to kill the soul drip by drip by drip.

A real man is always honest without being rude. Rudeness is not manly.

A traditional man is never passive, but takes the lead, pushes himself and others to be the best they can in any situation.

A real man takes care of his health, not being overly concerned with his “looks” as vanity is not the same as responsibility towards one’s body, which is a temple of the Holy Ghost. Vanity or vainglory is a sign of boyhood adolescence.

A real man works hard and does not think he has “earned” downtime or entertainment. Too many men fall into the trap of thinking they need lots of entertainment, such as television, computer time, watching sports or movies, going to the tavern, or so on.

A real, traditional man has a focus, a goal on something bigger and better than himself-SS. Ignatius Loyola, Benedict, Dominic, Francis, Maximilian Kolbe, John Paul II, and many more saints had the goal of holiness as their focus, as well as the fulfillment of God’s perfect will in their lives.

Now, real men may be married, priests, religious, or single, but to be honest, it is much harder for a single man to be real as that lifestyle encourages indulgence and a lack of discipline. I know too many men who do what they want to do, when they want to do it, and never give a thought to the needs of those around them. These are the many peter pans in our society and that group is growing. America in its decay will regret not training real, traditional men.