I have been pondering the fact that Christ was dragged from the Garden of Gethsemane to the House of Annas, to the House of Caiphas, to Pilate and then, to Herod, and back to Pilate again.

All this movement, in secrecy and without witnesses or disciples to stand up for Jesus was clearly done in order to intimidate Our Lord and His followers. Such tactics, as Midnight arrests, evil choosing to work in darkness over and over, is the mark of tyrannies.

But, what amazes those who read John and think about these hideous secret meetings, in which Christ was abused physically and verbally, is the great calm and meekness of Christ. God, who created each and everyone of these men, allowed Himself to be handled with rudeness and hatred in order to identify with all those innocent victims of violence in every age.

Some of the Maltese did not know about the hanging, drawing and quartering of the great martyrs of England, such as Edmund Campion. That a so-called civilized nation would treat holy men and women in such rough manners shows us that the evil people choose transcends time and place.

Christ in His meekness not only consoles those who have been victims of abuse, but to those of us who are his disciples, this message teaches us how to respond to those who hate us. The meekness of God reveals a deep humility and trust in God the Father.